La Casa del Conde

Bad Nauheim


date problem solution
2019-08-09 spam guestbook blocked with excuse
2019-08-09 content changes updated information/description (german)
2019-08-08 content changes updated information/description (english)
2013-11-26 guestbook thanks in german missing translated and released
2013-11-26 links in guestbook entries now filtered
2013-06-28 charge for final cleaning 25,00 €
2013-06-28 additional info arrival from 14:00/departure until 11:00
2013-06-28 each extra person 10€/night
2013-06-28 start language English set to German
2013-06-28 kur tax increased new value: 3.30€
2013-06-01 booking e-mail form added (sends to: lacasadelconde@gmx.de)
2013-05-01 booking added (not yet an e-mail form)
2013-05-01 prices renamed "room rates"
2013-05-01 prices made main menu entry
2013-05-01 old "room rates" made invisible
2013-04-29 business BN hidden
2013-04-29 sightseeing links added
2013-04-29 facilities towels, bed linen added
2013-04-29 new tab transport links
2013-04-29 new tab house rules
2013-04-29 rooms description changed to plain text
2013-04-28 all empty sub pages showing "orchid"
2013-04-28 FFM info not yet ready "under construction" added
2013-04-28 BN info not yet ready "under construction" added
2013-04-28 availability hidden until useful
2013-04-28 additional tab store/Kammer
2013-04-28 sleeping room pictures two replaced with "Buddha"
2013-04-28 guestbook entries cleared
2013-04-28 BN-Card Link moved corrected to new destination (health->culture)
2013-01-13 bigger map shown in german changed to hl=en
2013-01-13 e-mail from ve_guestbook name and sender change
2013-01-13 infos about new guestbook entries to new lacasadelconde@gmx.de
2013-01-13 friends renamed to guestbook
2013-01-09 additional contact info missing reference to imprint info added
2013-01-08 english days of week in german guestbook config.localeAll -> config.locale_all
2013-01-08 webmaster german<->english webmaster english<->german
2013-01-08 colors of "Bad Nauheim" in logo black colors changed to light main colors